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It was just a few months ago when I got familiar with the idea of fasting. I start noticing people around me were trying various kinds of fasting, like intermittent fasting or time-restricted fasting as a way to live a healthier lifestyle or to change one’s relationship with food. I thought they were crazy and considered stopping being their friend.

However, I am a curious person, and I also like trying new things. I always think of myself as a subject of my own experiment. So I start reading about this fasting thing, and in no time, I was hooked…

Code review is a powerful tool for giving and receiving feedback. When used properly we can inspire and mentor others, while also making our codebase (and the world) a better place. I believe that a good code review looks at the code from different angles, and so I have developed the Arya Stark method for reviewing a code.

Arya Stark was a talented warrior from Game of Thrones. Later in the series, she becomes familiar with the faceless men and learns how to change her face too. …

“Will power is not enough. It’s the systems that we have that help us thrive.”

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In 2013, I bought a one-way ticket to Costa Rica with no plans other than to explore the world and feed my curiosity. It was one of the happiest times in my life, I had no responsibilities other than having fun while not killing myself (which was not an easy task when surfing the Costa Rican waves). Like Wiz Khalifa says, I was young wild, and free.

Since then, my life became routine. While on paper it looked like I had everything going for me, I was still missing something. …

If you have read my previous article (if not, go and do it now!), I was addressing the world’s financial future, which is in the hands of the governments and central banks, who are just out of control. Currency is being printed heavily, causing the money that we are working so hard for, to lose its value. Our purchasing power diminishes because of the current monetary policy which is just a fancy term for “printing money like crazy.”

Why are cryptocurrencies any different?

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset based on blockchain technology. A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed peer to peer network. Now that…

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This year has been a rollercoaster for everybody with this minor pandemic that you might have heard about, called Covid 19. For me personally, this year was not just a rollercoaster, but a very accelerated one.

At the end of the last year, my life took a turn to the realm of the unknown. I left everything that was certain behind. I left a 6 years relationship and a serious management career in the tech industry back home and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.

When the pandemic had started making waves in Thailand at the beginning of March, I…

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I consider myself to be an efficient person. I always try to utilize my time wisely. When I have some time to kill, like waiting in line to run some errands, I always bring my laptop and get some work done. I exercise whilst listening to podcasts or audiobooks and other nerdy stuff. This week I just started training in a new gym where you can solve sudokus whilst using the treadmill, and I figured out that I can’t do both at the same time! …

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Henry Ford began production on the “Ford Model T” in 1908. Ford was keen to find a way to make its vehicles a popular and inexpensive choice for consumers; and realized that it would have to improve the factory’s production capacity to accomplish this goal.

The solution to this problem came from one of Ford’s managers, who observed the methods of a local slaughterhouse for preparing various animal cuts. The manager was impressed by the fact that each of the workers performed only one cutting operation (thereby specializing it). He told Ford about this and suggested that they emulate this…

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